Your baggage after the flight

Our main aim is that passengers and their luggage arrive at their destinations on the same flight and in the same conditions that they were in at check-in. However, situations that are beyond our control may arise. If you have any difficulty with your luggage, any of the following policies might apply:

At StarPeru we do everything possible to protect and safeguard your luggage from any eventuality. However you must remember that luggage is also designed to protect its contents.
Due to transport and handling, your luggage may show signs of wear like scratches, stains, dents, cuts, and/or missing external fixtures such as wheels, pockets, handles, locks, or any other attached items. If this is the case, the airline cannot take responsibility since they are considered minor damage and inherent to the nature of luggage handling.
In case of more serious damage we will respond according to its nature, providing that it did not exist prior to receiving it at the check-in counter before departure. For this we will also take into consideration the information on the tags attached by our personnel on your baggage at the moment of receiving it at the check-in counter.
Delayed baggage
If your luggage did not arrive with your flight, please report it to our baggage-handling personnel in the baggage pick-up lounge at the airport, where we will file a Baggage Problem Report.
In order to process a baggage-related claim, we require the following:

  • The passenger must be present  (if claim is filed at the airport)
  • The original baggage tag.
  • The passenger’s boarding pass.
  • Travel documents

After filing the complaint, our baggage-handling staff will be in constant contact, informing you of any development and will notify you the moment it arrives and is sent to you.
Our general policy is to solve any baggage-delay problems in no later than 24 hours, except in circumstances that are beyond our control such as shortage of flights, high season, bad weather, etc.

Lost and found
The airline cannot take any responsibility for items carried by passengers as non-registered hand luggage. However, you can report a lost item through our customer service channels at the airport, our call center, or via email at Please keep in mind that all items found by our personnel will be kept at our baggage department for up to 3 months. In case of perishable items, these will be kept for up to 3 days.
Lost and found items will be returned to their owners at our baggage department office. To do this, the person claiming the item needs to present his/her identity card and the boarding pass. In case he/she cannot be able to claim it in person, the passenger needs to send an authorization letter, with a photocopy of both his/her and the authorized person’s identity cards.

Should you have any other questions, please contact us via our call center 705-9000 or by email at and we will be glad to assist you or direct you to the appropriate area.



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