1. Passengers with disabilities who can move around on their own have no restrictions whatsoever to board their flights.

  2. Passengers with disabilities that render them unable to move or function on their own (quadriplegic, hemiplegic) must travel accompanied by a family member or physician.

  3. The wheelchair service is free of charge.

  4. It is important that you let us know if you need of a wheelchair only for moving around in the airport or also on board the aircraft.

  5. For safety reasons the number of passengers on wheelchairs allowed per flight is limited, so it is important that you request this service at the time of booking or purchasing your ticket.

  6. In case of traveling with a battery-operated wheelchair, make sure you disconnect the battery and isolate the electric terminals before handing it in at the baggage check-in counter. Also make sure to inform our personnel about the assembly or disassembly procedures of your wheelchair, or if it requires any special procedure before they take it into the cargo compartment. You need to report if the batteries contain any fluids so that we can handle them properly.

  7. It is recommended that passengers be at the airport with plenty of time to spare before departure in order to avoid any inconveniences.


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