Baggage responsibility

We recommend passengers not to include the following items as part of their checked luggage. They should either be carried the passengers themselves as part of the hand luggage or be sent using a cargo company. The airline cannot be held responsible for the safety of these items if they have not been previously declared.

  1. Irreplaceable, fragile, or highly valuable items: art, antiquities, jewels, money, personal documents, highly valuable documentation, medical records, lenses, keys, medicines, etc.

  2. Electronic items and their accessories: Computers, house appliances, photographic and medical equipment, cellular phones, data storage devices (MP3 players, USB flash drives, external hard disks, iPods), digital tablets (iPads or similar), video game consoles, digital diaries, and any other electronic device including software and accessories, televisions, radios, or any other similar items.

  3. Perishable items: foods with an expiration date or that require refrigeration.



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