Unaccompanied minors

This service is provided to minors traveling alone and who require adult supervision during their trip. An airline worker will accompany the minor from the moment she/he arrives at the airport, during the flight, and until he/she is delivered to the appointed responsible adult at his/her final destination.
It is important that you to keep in mind the following before requesting this service:

  1. A minor is a passenger between 5 and 17 years of age traveling alone.
  2. The Unaccompanied Minor Service for passengers who are 17 years of age is optional, based on a request by the responsible adult in charge of the minor.
  3. In the event that the minor is traveling with another minor, this must be over 12 years of age and physically able to assist him/her during the trip. For safety reasons, the number of minors permitted to travel alone on a flight is limited, therefore it is very important that you request this service when booking and purchasing the tickets.
  4. It is necessary to present an original notarized permit signed by the parents of the minor (valid for 90 days after being issued) or a juvenile court permit.
  5. An adult must be present at the airport of origin to fill in and sign a Transportation of Unaccompanied Minor form provided by our airport staff prior to registration of the minor. Keep in mind that the information provided must be truthful and accurate.
  6. It is necessary to provide information of the person in charge of sending and picking up the minor (full name, identity card number, address, and telephone number), otherwise the child will not be transported.
  7. The minor’s parent or legal guardian must wait at the airport until the flight has departed.
  8. Foreign and Peruvian minors residing abroad and who have been in Peru less than 3 months may travel only with their passports without the need of a legal permit. After this time period, the minor will need to have his/her parent’s notarized consent.
  9. Children who are under medical treatment must travel accompanied by an adult. Our staff is not authorized to assist or administer drugs to passengers in this category.
  10. It is recommended that passengers be at the airport with plenty of time to spare before departure in order to avoid any inconveniences.
  11. The adult responsible to pick up the minor at the destination must be at the airport at the expected arrival time and until the arrival has been confirmed.


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