Due to company policy, pets accepted as baggage on routes operated by StarPeru are limited to dogs and cats (house animals). The transport of these animals is not included in the baggage allowance permitted. Therefore, they will always be treated a baggage excess and the passenger will be charged the appropriate rate for their transport.

Pets in the cargo compartment

Your pet must necessarily travel in a kennel, which must be made of a study material and its inner walls as well as its floor must be covered with absorbent and waterproof material.

The size of the kennel should allow the animal to stand up and turn around inside, and has to meet the following size requirements (length x width x height):
      1. SMALL KENNEL:                   53cm x 40cm x 38 cm.
      2. MID- SIZE KENNEL:              69cm x 51cm x 48 cm.
      3. REGULAR SIZE KENNEL:     81cm x 56cm x 58 cm.
      4. LARGE KENNEL:                   101cm x 69cm x 76 cm.

Pets in the passengercabin

The airline will accept pets in the passenger cabin, provided that there is enough space to fit it under the passenger’s seat and the following requirements are met:

  1. A container or kennel is required for transporting a pet. Such container should not exceed the following dimensions: 41cm x 28cm x 21 cm (L-W-H) and maximum weight of 6 kg.
  2. The container must have air holes on the 4 walls and its floor must be covered with absorbent and waterproof material.
  3. Only one container or kennel and one pet are allowed per passenger.
  4. The animal must remain inside the container throughout all the segments of the flight.
  5. Dogs and cats that are less than 8 weeks old will not be accepted.

Important information:
The pet transport service has certain number limitations per flight, so it is important that you request the service at the moment of booking or purchasing the tickets.

Remember to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure, so we can check all the proper documentation as well as the animal’s vaccination records.

Other animal species and/or unaccompanied pets will be transported only through our cargo service.

In some cases and on domestic routes we will transport fight roosters. In case you need this service, please contact us to our call center 705-9000 or at



Star Peru

CALL CENTER (511) 705-9000

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