Our fleet is comprised of 7 modern British-made BAe146 aircraft units. The advanced technology used in their manufacturing, along with their configuration, make of this model a piece of state-of-the-art equipment currently used by renowned airlines around the world.

One of the main characteristics of our fleet is its ability to take off and land in short distances, which allows it to perform such maneuvers on short-length runways.

Moreover, thanks to the technology used in its four turbines, the BAe146 is considered one of the quietest aircraft in the market, with low levels of noise pollution and emissions.

The BAe146 is a versatile airplane which includes 3 commercial versions:

  1. BAe 146 – 100.
  2. BAe 146 – 200.
  3. BAe 146 – 300.

Our fleet is comprised of the following aircraft:

  1. 2 BAe 146 – 100 / with capacity for up to 78 passengers
  2. 3 BAe 146 – 200 / with capacity for up to 92 passengers
  3. 2 BAe 146 – 300 / with capacity for up to 112 passengers
Furthermore, maintenance of our fleet is carried out at our own maintenance workshops, where inspections and repairs are conducted by highly qualified personnel and certified by international aviation authorities.


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