About my baggage

Items considered as baggage: clothing and personal items used to wear or to provide comfort during a trip, either as carry-on or registered.

Any packaging used to hold these items must include the passenger’s information such as name and address and be easily visible.

Here is some information that you need to keep in mind about your baggage transportation when traveling:

1. Hand luggage.
It is considered hand luggage all items that are free of cargo charges and that are transported under the custody and responsibility of the passenger. (more information)

2. Free checked baggage allowance.
Checked baggage is the one that has been previously checked in at the airport and sent to the cargo compartment of the aircraft. (more information)

3. Excess baggage
Any baggage amount that exceeds the maximum baggage allowance permitted is considered baggage excess. It can be ultimately transported prior payment of 2.95 USD (sales tax incl.) per each extra kilo. (more information)

4. Special baggage.

5. Interlineal baggage policies (more information).

6. Baggage not allowed.
Due to their nature, the following items are considered DANGEROUS ITEMS and can affect your and the other passengers’ safety, therefore, they are not permitted as part of your baggage. (more information)

7. Baggage that must be registered.
The following items can be carried only as registered baggage (more information)

8. Baggage responsibility.
We recommend passengers not to include the following items as part of their checked luggage. They should either be carried the passengers themselves as part of the hand luggage or be sent using a cargo company. The airline cannot be held responsible for the safety of these items if they have not been previously declared. (more information)

9. Your baggage after the flight.
Our main aim is that passengers and their luggage arrive at their destinations on the same flight and in the same conditions that they were in at check-in. However, situations that are beyond our control may arise. If you have any difficulty with your luggage, any of the following policies might apply. (more information)


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