Sports equipment

The following items can be considered as part of the free baggage allowance on our flights:

Golf equipment: comprised of a bag and gold clubs, which must be fully protected. The maximum weight permitted per bag is 25kg.

Fishing equipment: considered as regular baggage.

Scuba diving equipment: comprised of an empty tank, pressure gauge, a snorkel, a harpoon, a pair of fins, a safety vest, a weight belt, a regulator and goggles.

Bicycles: for casual riding or for racing with a single seat, without an engine, with folded handles and loose pedals. It must be properly bundled.

Surfing equipment: comprised of surfboards. Board measurements should not exceed 6.5ft (1.98m) and each one must be protected in its case. If the total weight of the equipment exceeds the allowed 25kg limit, the passenger must pay a baggage excess fee.

When transporting surfboards it is recommended that the fins be removed to prevent damage. Due to space limitations the number of surfboards allowed on a flight is limited, so it is important that you request this service at the time of booking or purchasing the tickets.

When accepting surfboards at the check-in counter our personnel will attach tags of limited liability on them.



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