Conditions of sale

Please read this page before buying tickets via the website

Conditions of Sale


• This system is intended exclusively for the purchase and booking of StarPerú flight tickets.
• As a security measure, restricts the maximum number of purchases on the same day.
• The maximum number of passengers for a single reservation is 9. If you would like to make a reservation for more than 9 passengers, please send an e-mail to, and we will gladly assist you.
• Flight tickets are subject to a number of regulations and restrictions, dependent upon the type of fare purchased. Please check the terms and conditions for each type of fare Here.

Methods of payment

• The payment system is managed, supervised and maintained by Star UP S.A. (StarPerú).
• The system accepts the following methods of payment: Visa and MasterCard credit cards. (In the case of American Express, the system only accepts payments made in person, and not via the website.)
• The use, payment conditions and other conditions applicable to credit cards are the sole responsibility of the issuer.
• Payment is subject to the approval of the issuer of the credit card.
• Our webpage has received SSL certification from Thawte Inc and incorporates the technology Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Transactions made via the website

If you made a credit card purchase via the website, as a security measure and upon request from Star Up S.A., you will be obliged to show your identity document and the original and/or a copy of the credit card with which you made the purchase.

Passenger ticket emission
• The reservation and payment system will emit the passenger ticket once the transaction has been completed satisfactorily. The ticket should be printed out. It details the date, route and reservation code.
• StarPerú passenger tickets are subject to regulations and restrictions in accordance with the conditions applicable to each type of fare. Here.

No Show

No Show is defined as any passenger who does not present themselves for their flight or who arrives late for boarding and/or check-in (that is: forty minutes or less before the departure of the flight). It is possible to rebook for another date, although the passenger will be obliged to pay a no show penalty.


• In the event of a passenger deciding not to travel and requesting a refund of the price of the ticket acquired directly from our offices and/or a travel agency, this amount shall be refunded if the type of fare so allows and in accordance with the conditions of the same, minus a charge to cover administrative costs of US10.00 plus Peruvian Sales Tax.
• In the case of passenger tickets acquired via the website and when the type of fare so permits, a refund shall be given, minus a penalty of US$35.00 and a charge for administrative costs of US$10.00 plus Peruvian Sales Tax, The amount stated in charge is for ticket refund, with the balance payable in accordance with the form of payment, in cash or credited to the card with which payment for the ticket was made.
• A charge will be made for NO SHOW (USD 15.00) by section in the event that a passenger fails to present themselves for the flight. (This charge will not be made as long as the passenger gives notice of the cancellation of the flight at least 40 minutes before departure time.)
• Reimbursement for climate issues are not attributable to the airline and it will abide us to the fare conditions if allowed discounting by penalty USD 35.00 and a charge for administrative expenses of USD 11.80 including taxes, issues the indicated repayment charge is per ticket, the difference will be applied according to the method of payment, cash or credit card with which the passenger ticket was canceled.
• Requests for refunds should be sent to the following address:

Charges for Changes

• These shall be made in accordance with the tariff conditions of the ticket acquired.
• If you have any suggestions or queries, please write to us at the following e-mail address,, or contact our Reservations Department by calling (51-1) 705-9000.


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