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LIMA – CUSCO - LIMA USD 92.04 ó S/. 321.22

Conditions: Valid for sales made between 09/06/14 and 31/12/16 and for flights made between 09/06/14 and 31/12/16. Round trip includes IGV (Peruvian Sales Tax); it does not include TUUA (United Tariff for Airport Use). Valid for reservations in “J” class. Valid for change of name with 24 hours prior notice before departure, with the passenger assuming the re-ticketing charge of US$ 11.90 or S/.41.53, including IGV (Peruvian Sales Tax). Valid for date change without charges. Where the rate is not available, the difference with the fare available at the time the change is made shall be paid, plus a re-ticketing charge of US$ 11.90 or S/ 41.53.Where the change of name or date is not made 24 hours before departure, the passenger will be liable for payment of the difference with the fare available at the time the change is made (the amount paid by the passenger for the previous fare will be considered as part payment); the passenger will also be liable for payment of a penalty of US$ 17.70 or S/ 61.77, and a re-ticketing charge of US$ 11.90 or S/ 41.53 Soles. Rate not applicable to route changes. Rate not applicable to children (aged up to 11 years, 11 months and 29 days). Rate not applicable to babies (aged up to 1 year, 11 months and 29 days). Rate not eligible for reimbursement. Rate not applicable to groups (a group is defined as 10 or more passengers). The maximum checked baggage allowance for each adult passenger is 2 items with a total weight of 25 kilograms. Hand luggage is limited to 1 item weighing up to 4 kilograms. The charge for no show is US$15.00 or S/ 52.35. Purchasing deadline: 3 hours after having made the reservation. Stock: 50 seats subject to availability and date/flight variables. For more information on this rate and applicable conditions, call our helpdesk on (01) 705-9000, visit our offices or ask your travel agent. Prices are given in US dollars and their equivalent in Soles, in accordance with the provisions of Law Number 29571 – Consumer Protection Code. Exchange rate: S/. 3.49 Soles to the US dollar, valid to 11/03/2016. After this date, the final price in Soles will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 1237 of the Civil Code.

The navel of the world

Formerly known as the seat of the Inca Empire, Cusco is known as the Rome of the Americas due to the vast number of historical monuments it contains. Inca palaces, churches, archaeological sites and colonial houses adorn its mysterious streets.

At nearly 3400m (11154ft) above sea level in the southern highlands, Cusco has a cool and temperate climate, and it is ready to delight visitors with its amazing craftsmanship and culinary heritage in the various restaurants and markets that populate the city. It also offers a wide variety of hotels ranging from luxury lodges to traditional communities where visitors can experience first-hand the local culture through homestay tourism.

Cusco is a common starting point from which to head for the Sacred Valley of the Incas, either by train or through the Inca Trail, and enjoy not only its natural but also man-made wonders like Machu Picchu.


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