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With your needs in mind, we offer you our air cargo service StarPeru Cargo. Our modern BAe 146QT (Quite Trader) aircraft has been specially designed for cargo transport thus complementing our cargo transport service on passenger planes (BAe 146).

One of the main characteristics of the BAe 146QT is its low noise pollution level, making it one of the quietest airplanes in the market. Its Honeywell 502 engines offer an excellent combination of performance and low emissions, ideal for night flights in environmentally sensitive airports. Its outstanding performance in short-range runways allows the delivery of your cargo closer to your destination cutting down on costs and ground service times.

In StarPeru Cargo we attend special cargo requests such as caskets, live animals, newspapers, valuables, among others.

Our cargo service is available to and from the following cities:

  1. Lima.
  2. Ayacucho.
  3. Cusco.
  4. Iquitos
  5. Puerto Maldonado
  6. Pucallpa
  7. Tarapoto
  8. Huánuco (previa consulta)

For pricing and conditions of regular cargo service or overnight cargo please contact us at or this number (511) 484-6868 Ext 208 24 hours a day. To send cargo from Lima, please visit our cargo warehouse located at 3453 Int. 4A Elmer Faucett Avenue, Callao, Peru.

If you want more information about our BAe 146-200QT aircraft, please contact us at

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Star Peru

CALL CENTER (511) 705-9000

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