1. StarPeru provides transportation service on stretchers.

  2. This service is used by passengers who cannot make use of a seat in the upright position, and therefore need a stretcher to travel. Our aircraft units are equipped to carry a patient on a stretcher, which has been adapted to the seat structure and allows the patient to be moved around easily, safely, and with an adequate level of privacy.

  3. To be able to access this service, you must request it at the time of the booking or purchase of the tickets. Make sure the service request has been properly registered and confirmed on the reservation.

  4. Passengers on stretchers must be accompanied by a health professional (nurse or doctor) according to the patient’s condition and the indications of the physician in charge.

  5. The physician in charge must legibly fill in and sign the Patient Transportation Form and be able to produce a valid medical license document.

  6. It is important to mention that StarPeru has medically certified stretchers special for air travel and designed to withstand a top weight of 136kg. To access this service you need to request it at least 48 hours prior to departure.




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