StarPeru will not allow fire arms as part of hand luggage.
Weapons used for personal protection will be permitted only as registered baggage and they will be transported in the cargo compartment.
Rifles, shotguns, and other similar weapons used for sports may be transported only as part of the registered baggage, as long as they are unloaded, properly bundled, and have been previously declared at the check-in counter at the airport.
During check-in passengers must present a valid license to carry weapons, or an identity card that shows that they are in active military duty.
The weapon will be returned only to its owner upon arrival at the final destination. In order to do this, passengers must show their identity documents and the transport receipt.

Sharp weapons:

Sharp objects, frames containing glass, mirrors, work tools, and other similar items must be properly bundled in corrugated cardboard or wooden boxes. This is done, not only in order to avoid damage and prevent harm to people handling them, but also to protect the integrity of the aircraft.


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