Conditions for web check-in

In order to carry out your Web Check-In please enter your Reservation Code and Last Name exactly as they appear on your reservation. Remember that the Reservation Code is 6 letters. In the case that you do not have it, request it from the office in which you purchased your ticket or call our Call Center at  705-9000.

The passenger is fully responsible for all the information entered.  In the case in which a passenger enters incorrect information, boarding may be denied and Star Peru will be exempt of any and all responsibility.

If you have checked-in and want to cancel your Check-In, enter the Cancel Check-In option on the main page of Web Check-In or contact our Call Center at 705-9000.

If you make the cancellation of your Web Check- in; it will not be possible to be checked in again.

Web Check-In is only available under the following conditions:   Web Check-In is NOT available under the following conditions:
  • Only for passengers who have an Electronic-Ticket.

  • From 48 hours and 2 hours before your scheduled departure.

  • Adult passengers (12 and older) and children (between 2 and 11 years of age).

  • Maximum of nine (9) people on the same reservation.
  • Passengers traveling with children (between 0 and 2 years of age).

  • Passengers requiring any special service or special attention.

  • Passengers on a waiting list.

  • discounted tickets or employees.


At the airport

If you are traveling without checking any baggage, please note the following:   If you are going to check-in baggage, please note the following:
  • You must arrive at the gate forty (40) minutes before the departure time.   You must have with you your two (2) boarding passes and all valid documents necessary for travel.

  • If the gate number does not appear on your printed Boarding Passes, please verify the gate upon arrival at the airport on the information boards.

  • The Departure lounge will be closed 20 minutes before your flight departure. We suggest taking precautions.
  • You must arrive at the Star Peru counter “Entrega de Equipaje/ Baggage Drop Off”, with your two (2) boarding passes and all valid documents necessary for travel no less than one (1) hour before your departure time.


Keep in mind

  • Check to make sure your printer is on-line and able to print before starting the Web Check-in process.

  • You must print out two boarding passes.

  • Keep in mind that you must arrive at the gate at the exact time listed on you boarding pass. if not you may miss your flight.

  • In special cases, the airline reserves the right to reassign seating without previous notice.

  • If you do not arrive at the designated times or fail to have proper documentation for travel, it is possible that you may miss your flight.

  • The passenger is obligated to present the printed boarding passes along with a valid copy of the photo ID whenever it is required by airport security or by Star Perú.


Travel conditions

  • All tickets issued are individual and not transferable.

  • The company strives and commits to give diligent service. Departure or Arrival times are not guaranteed and are subject to change due to various conditions (climate, etc.).

  • These are the guidelines by which passengers will be denied boarding and the objects that will not be allowed on board the aircraft:

  1. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs/narcotics.

  2. Persons whose physical condition or health will be at risk or in danger during air transportation.

  3. People who due to their state of health, requiring the accompaniment of medical personnel in order to travel, must comply with the required regulations currently in force; in this process we want to safeguard the health of the passenger and may deny boarding.

  4. Arms, munitions, explosives, flammable substances or anything else which may cause danger to passengers or cargo.

  5. Persons carrying or transporting any of the objects mentioned in the previous clause.

  6. Objects causing discomfort or which, due to their size, weight, or any other characteristic, are not capable of being transported in the company’s aircraft.  In this case, the company will reimburse the cost of the ticket minus any reservation and cancellation cost incurred by the company and other carriers.

  • All claims related to luggage should be registered before leaving the airport. Insurance premiums paid by the Company only cover, in local currency, the amount of any loss and responsibility is thus limited to the same.

  • The Company in no case will be responsible for the risks of passengers due to their travel, except in the instances in which it has been duly established that the Company itself has been negligent.

  • The Company is not responsible for the physical condition or health of passengers who travel in its aircraft nor is it responsible for any inconvenience or accident that may occur as a result of the same.

  • If the pilot considers it advisable to have a passenger removed from an aircraft at a determined location after the flight has commenced, the Company shall only reimburse that part of the fare related to the ticket which has not been completed, considering the final destination.

  • If the Company cancels all the flights and refuses to admit any passenger, its sole responsibility shall be to reimburse the cost of the purchased ticket.

  • Each passenger has the right to carry the allotted weight in kilograms as specified in the predetermined list according to the corresponding rate on their ticket. As each passenger has a right to carry the corresponding luggage, in the case that the weight exceeds the limit, there will be a charge for each additional kilogram.

  • The responsibility of the airline in cases of loss, delay or damage to the luggage is limited, unless its value was previously declared and additional insurance is purchased. The responsibility of the transporter, according to the Aeronautical Code, is limited to no more than 17DEG per each registered kilogram.

  • No passenger should include within his baggage any article of value (money, valuables, precious objects, etc.) fragile or easily damaged goods. These are not covered by the Company’s insurance policies for loss, misplacement or damage.

  • The parties to this contract, in all matters related to the responsibilities of the carrier and other issues pertaining to this contract, are subject to Peruvian Law, especially to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act No. 27261 and accompanying regulations and shall submit themselves expressly to the jurisdiction of the Peruvian Courts.

  • This ticket has one year of validity from the date of issuance, unless it is otherwise indicated on the ticket, in the carrier's fare/rate conditions or related regulations. Each rate has conditions and restrictions.

  • The passenger must inform the carrier if there is a connecting national or international flight within the minimum times established.  The carrier will not be responsible for a missed flight if the passenger has not previously informed the carrier of the connection.



Passenger, we advise you to read the following baggage condtions.

Carry-On baggage allowed:

  • Aeronave BAe 146:        40 x 35 x 20 (maximum 1 piece at 4kg.)
  • Aeronave Boeing 737:   45 x 40 x 25 (maximum 1 piece weighing 5Kg./11 lbs.)

Other than baggage, these following articles may be carried free of additional cost, always and when there is allotted space available:


  • o It is understood that only the necessary luggage and personal effects will be carried on the trip.
  • o The amount of baggage allotted will depend on the rate applied.
  • o Each piece of luggage will not be allowed to exceed 25 kilos (55lbs.), incompletion with the LAW 29088 of Security and Health at Work.
  • o For security purposes, only one carry on baggage will be permitted, meeting the dimensions and weight limits them to be stored in the upper compartments of the aircraft or under the seats, with a maximum weight according to the type of aircraft.

Dangerous Items
Star Peru will deny the transportation of carry on baggage or checked luggage, if due to their nature, can be constituted as a risk to health, security or property, such as:

  • Infectious substances and samples for diagnoses.
  • Gases (compressed, liquid form, in solution or intensely chilled at a low temperature), including aerosols that are inflammable, toxic or harmless such as butane
  • Corrosive solids or liquids such as acids, alkali, mercury, liquid electrolyte batteries
  • Explosives such as munitions, weapons, and materials used for pyrotechnics
  • Flammable liquids or solids: such as fuels, matches and other easily flammable materials
  • Radio active material
  • Oxidizing materials and organic peroxides such as whiteners; fertilizer, etc.
  • Toxic and infectious substances such as insecticides, biological products that contain pathogenic germs. Briefcases with an alarming device, explosives or detonators are totally prohibited.
  • Any incapacitating products such as mace®, pepper sprays, etc. that contain irritating substances, or disabling affects are totally prohibited.
  • Any equipment or apparatus that contain mercury may not be transported as baggage, except for a barometer, when it is transported by an official meteorologist, and then to be carried in carry-on baggage, or a small clinical thermometer for personal use and must be in a protective carrying case.
  • The only exception to this restriction is for medicines or small toiletry articles (including aerosols) in small quantities, necessary to the passenger during the trip like: hairspray, perfumes, colognes and medicines that contain alcohol.

Restricted Articles

You may not take the following items in your Carry-On baggage

  • Forceful, sharp, and/or cutting objects.
  • Lighters
  • Imitations of weapons such as toy guns.
  • Any item that may produce a wound.

Any of the previous items must be in checked baggage and Airport Security reserves the right to remove any item.  The airline will not be held responsible for the shipment, delivery or storage of any item, neither at the location of departure.

The “Agreement of Warsaw” and the “Agreement of Montreal” may be applicable to you on your trip, and within these agreements the responsibility of the airlines in case of death or personal injury as well as loss, wounds, damage or delay in luggage may be limited.

If you are flying with different carriers, you should contact each one individually to be informed about the limited responsibility applicable. If the passenger has a connecting flight, the airline will not be held responsible if the passenger did not make them aware previous to purchasing the ticket about the connection.

Apart from the Agreement but still applicable on your flight, the carrier will not accept responsibility for the following:

  • Fragile or perishable articles
  • Previously damaged luggage
  • Over-sized luggage, over-weight and improperly packed
  • Minor damages (scratches, dents, scrapings, cuts and dirt, resulted from the normal luggage handling)
  • Damage or loss of parts adhered to the luggage (wheels, straps, bags, zippers, pull straps, hooks or other articles adhered to the luggage)
  • Damages resulted from governmental inspections of the luggage
  • Delays, cancellations or loss of connections due to events out of control of the carrier like an act of God and/or weather conditions; as well, by not previously informing the carrier about a connecting national or international flight within the minimum times established.

The items for which this contract does not consider as luggage and will not be responsible for the damage in whole or in part are:  antiques, works of art, books or documents, computers or other electronic articles and its accessories, cell phones or its accessories, animal skins, articles that the passenger carries on himself in the cabin of the airplane, liquid, medicines or medical articles, money, photographic items: video or optical and its accessories, precious metals, jewelry, secured values, samples, unique or irreplaceable articles or other similar valuable articles.

The previous articles are not accepted like part of the luggage invoiced and the carrier does not accept any type of responsibility by the same, whether the carrier did or did not have prior knowledge of the article invoiced or transferred. If any of the previously mentioned articles is lost, damaged, or delayed the passenger doe not have the right to be refunded in this instance.  The articles before mentioned should be transported by the passenger, in their hand baggage under their custody and responsibility.  (Subject to the limits of carry-on baggage.)

The possibility of an oversold flight exists. In this case, Star Peru will ask for volunteers who wish to yield their seat in exchange for compensation, offering them other alternatives to complete their trip. If there are not enough volunteers, Star Peru reserves the right to deny boarding to persons in the flight, giving the passenger its compensation. The carrier will consider the interests of the passengers from those who have priority, with legitimate reasons such as, unaccompanied minors, or passengers with special needs and those accompanying them, as well as others. 

It is important that you take into account that, depending on the tariff that has been purchased, tickets can be subject to additional charges due to changes of date, route or itinerary. Certain tariffs are not reimbursable and some do not allow any type of change. The period of validity on each tariff is variable. The period of validity of the tariff is different from the period of validity of the ticket. Previous to the purchase of this ticket, we suggest you to assure that the fare restrictions adecuen to the intention of your trip. If it you need to change the date of trip and needs to clarify any doubt in the matter, we suggest you to approach withyour ticket, to the Star Perú's most nearby office or to call by telephone our Call Center 705-9000.

Star Peru

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